Bought a 2006 GT Convertible 5-Speed


New Member
Mar 4, 2021
Port Charlotte FL
Howdy from SW Florida. I'm new to this forum, but not new to Mustangs. I've owned a 66 - 289, 88 - 5.0, 89 - 5.0, 95 - 5.0, and a 2012 - 3.7.
Today I brought home a 2006 GT Convertible 5-Speed - bone stock - with 61,000 miles - clean car fax - and service receipts indicating regular oil changes. I drove it 100 miles in stop-and-go traffic and I-75 Interstate driving. Everything worked as it should: cruise control shaker Stereo, A/C, etc.
A couple things that seemed odd, however. Speedometer read 80 when going 74 (wife was ahead of me with cruise control engaged). And, I sensed a vibration under my butt, but not in the steering wheel, at the 80 mph (74).
I guess the tire size (too small) might cause the speedo discrepancy - need to check tire size and diameter. They are 17" wheels. And tire balance may cure the vibration.
This car is something I've wanted for quite a while (convertible muscle car with V8 and 5-speed). It's funny though that I've been driving a 2012 V6 Automatic for 5 years. The 2006 V8 is rated at 300 HP, and the 2012 V6 is rated at 310. Two completely different driving experiences! Both are BLACK/BLACK.
I'm anxious to look it over more closely tomorrow.
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