Brakes Braking Issue Need A Little Help

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Oct 3, 2017
1974 base II with a 2.8 v6 sons car. we had it at the shop for a sticker and stalling. Carb is flooding being rebuilt today. On the way back i drove it for safety reasons he is a new driver. Brakes work fine visual inspection mechanic said great shape. The issue I had to stop on a fairly steep hill incline which ever. I had to stand on the brake i mean stand to stop and hold on the hill behind an other car. the feeling was like pushing on a rock pedal. the slightest movement of my foot she would roll and would make a growling sound at the rotors. My thoughts stuck calipers from sitting? I dont think booster no hissing. no bypass on the master cylinder. The other thing i was thinking air. Any help would come at a great time car is down for carb rebuild and can fix want my boy safe. Me to when he is sleeping i can take it on a beat run LOL. Just kidding shes a keeper. Joe
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Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
You'll definitely want to bleed the brakes. The pistons could also be pitted or scored (leaking) and require a rebuild. Stuck calipers might cause some uneven pad wear, but pistons won't stick on the way out (usually on the way back in) and I've never had that cause ineffective braking.

Two other things - adjust the rear drums. If those have too much clearance you'll be close to the floor before they grab. You might also need to adjust the pushrod between the MC and the booster. If that's adjusted too short you might not be getting full engagement. Too long is also a problem as the MC won't bleed down when repeatedly braking. If the MC and / or booster have been replaced, the pushrod may have been mis-adjusted.

Booster can be non-functional without hissing. MC can also be shot internally. Bleed, then adjust rear, then go from there.