SOLD Brand new Brembo ATS calipers and new S&S mount kit for sale for SN-95 spindles


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Jun 12, 2001

Loaded OEM pair Brembo Cadillac ATS 4 piston front calipers, factory pin kit, and OEM Brembo brake pads, brand new NOT remanufactured. Also have the S&S Engineering kit for mounting these on Mustang SN-95 Spindles with 13” rotors WITHOUT doing any machining to the spindles! I also had custom Brembo high temp decals made as I was going to paint them silver and put the red curved brembo logo on them

I just got the mount kit and opened the box for one caliper and set it on my spindle and found that my particular wheel will not clear the Brembo caliper so that’s why I’m selling this setup. Everything is brand new never installed, literally the caliper was out of the box for about 5 minutes to see if it would clear the wheel and then to take pictures of the parts, the other caliper was never even taken out of the box. Nothing in the mount kit has even been opened either.

Boxed up weight for both calipers, the mount kit, and stickers will be 27lbs, and the box is 18x12x10 and would be shipping from Rochester NY 14612 if you need to figure out how much the shipping cost would be.

$425 plus shipping for this complete kit. I do have a paypal account for anyone out of town needing the parts shipped, of course local pick up is also available!
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