Drivetrain C4 swap shifter question for Foxbody guys


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Aug 7, 2017
Hello All,

I know C4 swaps are a little outdated these days BUT I got questions for anybody who still has one or remembers what it was like when they did one.

So I installed my C4 a while back and my plan was to use a B&M Hammer Shifter to make the car more fun to drive. Originally, I went searching through this forum looking for install tips and information about the B&M, but what I noticed is a lot of people in the past seemed to have problems with them, complaining about sloppy shifting and warranty problems.

So this led me change my train of thought and pivot to some new questions:

1. Guys who have done a C4 swap, did you even bother with an aftermarket shifter? If the stock stuff will work, maybe I should use that for a while before installing this.

2. Other Recommendations in this area? Obviously B&M is't the only company in this game, Hurst make a better product?

The car this is a street car. H/C/I 306 built by DSS with a built C4 with a 2400 or 2800 stall (cant remember exactly) It'll see a few drag strip runs, but nothing competitive, just for fun. I already have the shifter and the C4 conversion cable, when I bought them I liked the idea of taking the guess work out of this part of my build but perhaps their is something better.

Any questions, opinions, or input will be appreciated. Thanks for your time


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Jun 14, 2007
I had a pa c4 with a reverse manual valve body many years ago with a B&M hammer shifter. Worked awesome, never had problems.
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