Progress Thread Calypso Cash Pit

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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
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Mar 5, 2019
Dang thats a pretty car
I;m jealous
Might be my new dream color combo
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Jul 27, 2018
Summerville, SC
Because nothing is ever really finished, so goes the CCP also (Calypso Cash Pit for all the slow ones! LOL). The heater core started leaking and I still hadn't fixed the rear quarter window. On Veterans Day my best friend and I decided to drive my truck to Charlotte and pick up a new hood for my 92 hatch project. It woulda cost $150 in truck freight to be delivered, but about $30 in gas to drive brainer right? Yeah uh huh, costed me over $2k because 3rd and OD in the tranny took a dump in Charlotte. Got my hood, saved freight costs..took almost 6 hours to drive home in 2nd gear trying to keep the motor under 3k rpm. Anyhow, I had been commuting to work with the wife but I was forced into using CCP for daily driver duty last week due to a schedule change. Mighty cold driving a no heater, window down vert on the interstate for 25 miles at 5 am around this time of year....brrrrr. That umm, motivated me get off my butt and do the repairs.

Since I knew ahead of time I'd need the car I dove in and did the heater core. While I know a lot of folks know how, everyone can always learn a few new tricks. I'd suggest checking the video that Caleb at Foxcast Media put out on YT. You don't really need to drop the whole dash which saves disconnecting a bunch of wiring. All in it took me about 3 hours from start to finish working by myself (though I did need a hand moving the dash back into place). Heater now functioning without that lovely antifreeze odor, check!

The window motor was easy enough but gawd how I despise unlocking the rear seat bottom and bolting in the seat back. Window working, check!

I've enjoyed being able to drive the car more, but hate being in rush hour traffic with it. I was parking it all the way in the far back areas of the parking lot where I was temporarily working. I looked to see where NO ONE parked because of distance and would park there. There were usually 20 or 30 empty spaces around me. Every day I'd come out from work and, yep you guessed, some jackass would have to be parked right next to me..literally! I mean the very space next to me. And it wasn't the same car each day. I told my boss "if I find one door ding on my car, that MF'r was gonna find bullet holes in theirs!" LOL Fortunately all was good, though the last day there I got caught in and had to drive home in the rain. It's the only time the car has been on the road in a good rain (it was only a minor drizzle it had to be in at Foxtoberfest). I did find out where I had leaks in the top! LOL

Sorry for the lengthy post but it's been a bit. I'm gonna try to get some new pics of the '92 hatch project which I'll be posting in a new thread for it. It already has a name..."2nd Chance Pony". I'll explain that in the thread for it.
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
I can relate to the convertible leaks, mine occasionally leaked on the passenger side top of windshield but only if a certain person was sitting there. Another time when she told me I could have a new mustang if I sold off all my junk (her words)