Progress Thread Car Dies, Acts Like Its Running Out Of Gas And Misfire In Cylinder #2

B Jordan

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Jun 25, 2015
So my car is a 98 Ford Mustang 3.8 V6 and my prob is the exact same as the problem in the start of this trend. First things First the car only did the running out of gas kind of die out like explained from the original trend when it is hot outside an the car runs awhile. The car ran just fine all winter long as it was cold out then summer hit I stared having my problems. So before i could be driving along and it start to die an slow down i would cut the car off a second or 2 and crank it back. Then it would run a min or two an start acting up again but wouldn't never cut off on its own. The car would be taking off from a dead stop an be OK then the tach hit 4 grand an the car would just fall on its face. It wouldn't get over 25 mph to 30 mph when it is going on. So I figured that the car was starving for fuel and the first thing I went for was the fuel filter. So i changed the filter and as i did i pored the gas out of one side and the gas was clear turned to the other side and it was brown gunk. So it told me it was rust in the tank and went bought a NEW tank. I replaced the TANK and doing so i wont not going to change the FUEL PUMP. so i changed FUEL TANK, FUEL PUMP, FUEL FILTER and CLEANED AND TESTED THE INJECTORS. Doing so i made sure all was new an clean an I tested the injectors before putting them back in the car. That being said it only made my car die out more common and made it faster to messing up to the point now it cuts off. I put the code reader on the car and I seen on the code reader that the number 2 cylinder was miss firing as well as the system running to lean. As of that I did my tune up Plugs wires oil change and also changed my coil pack. As of now the changing of the coil pack and plugs wires and all the car still has a miss fire in cylinder 2. What else would cause that? As of all the things i have done an put on it has not fixed a thing. My next step to my problem was to change out the exhaust because i suspect the cats are clogging up. So I Have a set of flow masters along with new cats an o2 sensors all is about a month old. But as of the car die out as i give it throttle i have done all i could possibly think of and then some. With all that done the only out come was making the car worse. Now i am Lost on it besides doing the exhaust i have done everything in the fuel i can think of. Weather it fixed the prob or not it really all needed to be done but im still stuck with my problem . Its so bad now i cant even trust it to go out of the road of mine. Because now the car with die till the point it cuts off now. So what else could i have possibly missed? I haven't thought about the wire as he explained so what wire would i be looking for an what would i look for as my problem?
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