Clutch set up with UPR quadrant


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May 24, 2002
Iv had a issue for some time with my clutch engaging high.

I have the Spec stage 3 with the UPR quadrant and firewall adjuster with a factory cable

I have the cable on the middle quadrant hook and the firewall adjuster is screwed out about a quarter inch.

Moving the adjuster IN would lower the engagement? I do not have that much room to move it in so do i need to
move the cable to the first hook?

What is the proper way to set up the tension on the cable? Iv heard some say "X" amount of foot pounds and some
say the fork should be pulled in "X" amount of space?
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I feel like the cable maybe to tight? But the firewall adjuster isnt that far out from the firewall?
Has anyone else using the UPR triple hook had to use the first hook? I am using a mcleod bellhousing
could that make a difference?
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I just dial it back till i feel the car creep when the pedal is about 2" or so off the floor. I do all this in the garage. Adjust check and repeat till i like it.
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I just dial it back till i feel the car creep when the pedal is about 2" or so off the floor. I do all this in the garage. Adjust check and repeat till i like it.
This^. I had a two hook quadrant and used the second. Only took a few adjustments to get it perfect for me
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Been having some issues with high pedal engagement with my Spec stage 3, was under the car just putting eyes on it to see where
my clutch fork was resting. Its a spec stage 3 with a mcleod bellhousing, extended fork and a stock cable. I was worried about the pivot
ball also needing shimmed but looking at it if i released the cable from the fork it seems it would definitely rest "behind" the pivot ball so that
should be a non issue.

First thing i noticed was the blue paint flaking off? is that something to worry about is is that pretty standard?

Also noticed the fork is pretty close to the end of its travel so if im understanding right if i loosen the firewall adjuster
it will move the fork backwards moving the engagement lower on the pedal? I have read before people complaining about
the spec stage 3 having a high engagement. If i cant get it to be more comfortable driving i may have to swap it out for something else.
The high grab and the light switch on/off engagement makes for some white knuckle street driving which has really turned me off to driving the car.


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No. Turning your firewall adjuster is not for moving your pedal closer or farther from the floor.

What the firewall adjuster does is pull the cable tighter within the cable housing and vary the amount of pressure between the TOB and clutch fingers.
Not physically move the pedal, just the clutches engagement.
When you turn the FW adjuster [in] (toward the firewall), it loosens the cable within the housing and releases pressure applied to the throw-out bearing against the clutch fingers.

When you twist it [out] (separating the cable end from the cable housing end) it increases pressure on the TOB.

If your engagement seems like it's high or [long] from start to finish then you might try re-routing your cable and stabilizing the housing so that it can't move when you press on the pedal. Your SPEC is a heavy clutch already. A few clips and grommets might go a long way.
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