For Sale Crane Energizer Roller Rockers - 3/8" Stud Mount


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Oct 28, 2001
Jenks, OK
Pulled these off my car due to some slight interference with the valve spring retainers (see picture). I am selling them with brand new poly locks as I reused the ones on the car due to the girdles. Price is $100 plus shipping. I believe they are good up to about 450 lbs/in on spring rate. This is an old add on Summit Racing for these so all the specs are in the add:

Contact on them from the retainers (OD on the retainers was barely too large and I just failed to check that):

Pictures of them in the Scorpion rocker box that I will be shipping them in:

Front, back, and side to side (then I let the Alpine play...if you know you know):

New poly locks:
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Am I missing something?
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Still have these for sale. Were sold over on the Corral but PayPal f'd the payment up and the guy needed a set so he bought something else. Took over a week to get the money straightened out. Great guy just felt bad that he ended up buying new vs. getting a good deal.