Definitely not a new member (joined in 2005), but beyond searching I'll finally be posting:) New to me 1983 4-Eye Notch in my possession now:)


Nov 1, 2005
Melbourne, Fl

Have had many stangs - far too many but most have been SN95 or newer, and to make a very long story short. I now own a 1983 4 Eye Notch that has my 347 bottom end I built then sold to my father back in 2012, it was oil bagged and sitting in my office prior to my 2nd marriage. Fast forward in 2013 my dad found the old Notch and built the car around the engine I basically gave to him. Now fast forward and mother and father divorced after 44 years of marriage and part of the settlement (the divorce was finalized 2 years ago but they owned businesses together) was my dad has to buy out my mothers side of the businesses. So he has to sell off toy's, he hasn't ran the car at the track but arond 30 times and the entire build has less than 350 miles on the engine, semi built AOD, and the other parts. He did splurge and get AFR205's but cheaped on alot of other stuff.

I'm trying to go through the mountains of paperwork he included when I went from Florida to La to pick up the car and figure out what I have. I have no idea what compression ratio is, no idea what Torque converter or kit is in the AOD, figured out from site it's a Hurricane intake manifold, found cam card in the paperwork and now know it has a CC295 cam which equals no vaccum and horrible 1983 stock brakes. I did get an electronic vaccum assist for the brakes and will throw in this weekend. IT still has some leftover race gas in it from ~ 2015 but not sure how much.

So -
The good that I'm sure of:

Mexican block 302, with Forged 347 and all machine work was done by my local Brevard County machinest - rings were file fit by me back in the day but don't recall what type of rings, hell I don't even remember the piston types but does have girdle and all clearances made inside and crank was knife edged when I had the work done....
AFR 205's
Completely hogged out and ported PP Hurricane intake - this is not really a good but it's better than other options and it's port matched to the AFR 205's
Double roller CC timing chain setup
CC stud mount Roller rockers
The carb is box stock Holley 750 so ALOT of HP on the table when I get all the leaded gas ran out and can put my new in the box Wideband on it for tuning in the Carb.
Brand new FMS 3.73's setup perfectly.
Paint and bodywork is pretty good except for bumpers and not completely straight, it will last years till my OCD moves from drivetrain improvments and safety to Dialing in looks.
Has gas tank sumped and baffled but ran external electric pump instead of internal
1 3/4 long tube headers

The Goodish - undecided if this is good or not
The trans is reverse manual valvebody - no idea what kind but it goes 1,2,3,OD and OD is on a switch to turn off for track use.
B&M shifter with Reverse lockout - it's all loose but will tighten it up.
Has full cage - would be good but he cut and the welds look like :poo: - wouldn't pass tech if I start getting too fast
Has QA1 subframe and QA1 control arms - I would have good but had bad luck in the past with QA1 setups so it's "goodish"
Jacobs ignition with Box and pills - I put this as goodish as won't work with planned EFI and e85

The Bad - That I have found in around 90 minutes of looking:
No name rear suspension components -
BBK subframe connectors that are thrown in
Horrible interior that is missing ALOT
Bumpers are no where near straight - will go with 85 GT front, and unsure on rear bumper
No trim pieces on outside - will go with the Black trim all around the car
It's still 4 lug and has 28 spline
Brakes are completely :poo:
Manual Steering but not Flaming river, just removed and sealed he stock Power steering rack - so with big and little it's workable - but this won't work for me.
Don't know compression ratio and not pulling heads to figure it out due to expensive head gaskets and intake mainifold gaskets
Car has ran nothing but leaded fuel - AVGAS and VP 110 since being built so plugs, timing, fuel filters all need to be adjusted for pump gas
IT's not tagged yet so can't drive it.
The headers go to 3" huge cats - dad had to pass inspection - I have a 3" prochamber to go on already though:)
The 3" setup goes to 2.5" tailpipes that have rusted and have developed leaks - so will get Flowmaster 3" tailpipes and make them fit

With that - wish me luck - single income married Father of 3 that is completing 2nd Masters degree currently so time is definitely at a premium. I will start a build thread and put this all in it - but the progress will be slow for a bit with mainly tinker and tuning but eventually will be E85 Fuel injected and even further down the road will be 6 speed manual and my OCD for perfection in all things cars will take over and hope to have it as one of the better looking cars on here.

I did trade some BBS RK's 18x7.5's so too small ( had on my daily driver 2017 Civic Si) this morning for a full set of 18x9 and 18x10 Chrome Saleens and a 31 Spline cobra Traklock so the rear 31 spline swap and disk brakes are in motion - slowly but it's moving lol.

Here are a few pic's if I can get them to attach:


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Dec 24, 2003
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Welcome, Finally graduating from trolling the forums to posting. Big Step. Love that shade of Blue. When I get my build complete it is one of the shades I am thinking about. And you wrote a BOOK in that one.
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Nov 1, 2005
Melbourne, Fl
Good to see another Floridian on here, looks like you have some work to do on the build. What are you going to talk first?
First is vacuum booster wired in this weekend I have it and need to wire it and also getting it tagged on Tuesday! After that first order of business is the tuning/tweaking/drive-ability and swap to 93 octane. After that will be Brakes and 5 lug swap with 31 spline setup in the rear.
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