Does anybody have a pic of a mineral grey gt with gunmetal grey saleen rims?

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Mineral Gray FTW!


dont worry, grille delete kit is on the way
thanks a lot for the pictures it looks pretty sweet but i'm still undecided. in the beginning i was going with the bullitts for sure then i got annoyed with what one would look best the anthracite or argent. i wish they made them with my factory rim colors. then i started looking at black bullitts and they don't really do it for me. and i don't think chrome looks all that great either with my paint. i think though i'm leaning toward the gunmetal saleens. i think it looks kind of evil. the only problem is i have factory gt brakes and i don't know if they will look ****ty. any opinions or insults are welcome thanks
idk about those wheels in particular but OE wheels makes very good quality stuff and has good service. i bought my wheels from them and they have a great finish and priced out vs. anyone even AM w/ their free shipping and mounting and balancing of tires.. oe is still a better deal.