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Jul 12, 2003
Got my #s today at torque freaks ,will post them shortly with dyno sheet. :D My Thanks go out to Torque freaks for the awsome dyno runs and help.Also Warren for helping me with the tune and hosting it for me,he got me 30 plus horse power,with a safe tune,He definately knows what he's doing, and Bud , Warrens "little" brother who did the excellent camera work.Great job Bud!! Just right click on it and check it out kool footage. :nice: :flag:
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Here it is!!!

Right Click Save As Nice #s Ed and it felt even better on the way home:hail2:
Darkness said:
Damn, those are great numbers, the tune seems pretty good besides that dip at 4200rpms, what is the total timming that you're running?
Not sure I've got it written down ,You'll have to check with Warren "the tuner" I know its less timing then the stock pulley tune.We could of advanced it more but I was content with the #s
I wonder how much your 18" wheels affects your hp numbers? Probably not much, but I'd be curious. Temperature may be a factor as well, but nice torque numbers and safe AF ratio.

Well I guess I better haul mine down there and step up to the challenge.... :flag:
03yellowvenom said:
Thanks Keith, it sure feels strange doing over a 100 mph sitting still :D

:nice: Next time you get to dyno the car, ask if you can do a top speed run..lol When I first got my Cobra a few years back and when I still had the 3.08's in the car and a Superchips Inc. chip we did a top speed run on the dyno.....I burried the needle on my speedo and the dyno computer was showing 182mph :D this was in 5th gear.....the sound of the car was sick at that speed, I thought the engine was gonna go BOOOOM!! :D never did that agin to this day, maybe I should try again sometime....lol :D

Thats funny Will, I Was thinking the same thing. I was scared as it was ,tuning and hoping the air/ fuel @timing was ok.Everytime I hit red line in fourth gear I was Waiting for a ... "B O O M". too .LOL..I dont know what worked harder my heart or my car.But it was a rush and I can't Wait to do more mods and do another dyno run and some more dialing in .... But I think i'll keep it under 180mph:nice: