eco boost reliability?


Apr 23, 2023
My mother is looking for a convertible and has found 2 so far that are ecoboosts. First one was a 2019 but she didn't like the looks. I did ask around and heard some negative things about the EB. Just found a real nice 2015 but its also an EB. To top that off its a manual. She can drive a manual but she is 72 and would prefer an automatic.
But what are the thoughts on an EB? Any years to avoid? Anything to look for? She doesn't care about the power or the sound of a V8 so those aren't issues.
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I have a 16'EcoBoost Focus and it has been trouble free.
Having worked at Ford Dealerships until 2 years ago, I can say with some degree of experience that the reliability of the EcoBoost engines is directly proportional to the service history. Perform oil changes when you should, don't over heat it, use the correct grade engine oil and perform other maintenance as necessary and it can last for well over 100K miles easily.
Thanks all. She is gonna pass. Her friend called his buddy that owns a Ford dealership and he said they try to avoid taking them in on trade cause of too many issues so she is gonna look for a V8