Engine Cranks, but won't run


New Member
Nov 13, 2023
Tampa, FL
Hello Yall,
I have the following ignition coil...Currently the engine cranks strong, but will not start. I put a test light on both sides of the plug as seen below, and both sides lit RED...I'm assuming the green w/yellow stripe is ground, and the Red w/dark blue stripe is positive

The test light I have will light up green if testing ground connection, and red when testing hot connections

The two green wires, where should they go on the other end?

I'm definitely not getting spark. I have a brand new coil, ignition module, distributor, cap & rotor, new ignition switch and a new alternator and a fully charged battery

I would really appreciate your help with this...I have been struggling with this issue for 6 months now

I even got a mobile mechanic to come out. He managed to start the engine for about 5 minutes, but the coil was getting way too hot, then the engine died, and I have not been able to start it again (I swapped the ignition coil since then)

Another question:
I have a Motorcraft distributor with the adapter. The distributor cap has #1 marked on one of the ports. Does that mean once TDC is set I can plug Park plug #1 to the port labeled #1 and just follow the firing order, in other words, does it matter where I plug Spark plug #1 wire as long as I follow the firing order?
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