Electrical Factory Stereo / Amp Repair Service?


Jun 10, 2012
Hi Folks,
My 93 Cobra has the factory premium sound system in it. Specifically, the AM/FM/CD player, F3ZF-18C815, and the AMP located under the passenger seat, F3ZF-18T806-BB. The system barely puts out any sound. The car has relatively low miles and the in good shape. I checked the premium sound speakers and they are in good shape.

I verified that all 6 speakers are putting out sound with the balance and fader functions.

As I increase the volume, I can hear crackles and pops. I do get sound at nearly full volume but not loud at all. Every other function on the head unit works.

I suspect the AMP is toast, but maybe its the head unit.

Are there any trusted services out there that refurbish OEM factory AMPS and / or head units for they old fox mustangs. I really want stay with the factory look.



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Mar 2, 2015
Sometimes a computer repair shop will take on a non working radio. It's got to be one of the guys that just really loves circuitry work. Most guys now just replace components and don't actually fix anything.

The amps were also in several other Fords, Lincoln, and Mercury cars. My 88 econoline van had the same exact amp located in the top of the center of the dash. Might be worth grabbing one in the yard to keep a spare to test with. Sounds like your issue may be with the volume button contacts. I've never taken one like yours apart so no idea how to actually fix it.

Sound Solutions does factory radios in MD and Northern VA. Not sure what state you are in.