For Sale Fays 2 Watts Link for S197 Portage, Michigan LOWER PRICE $350.00 plus shipping


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May 18, 2019
Southwest Michigan
This is a Fays 2 Watts Link off of my 2014 coupe (will not fit convertible without purchasing a special connecting strut designed to fit around the rear support bar convertibles come with). I installed and ran on the track for 2 track days (6 sessions @ 20 minutes each total) and while it seemed like it helped a bit on roll through the corners, I didn't play with adjustments and I probably should have. Selling the car, so I thought it would be too complicated for a new owner, so removed and went back to adjustable panhard rod. It's simple installation in about 90 minutes or so, with taking care to adjust the axle clamps for clearance and centering the axle on the car. All hardware is included including a spacer I made for the panhard rod end bracket to just take up the space and keep the bolt in place.

There are a lot of articles about this setup and all of them are good. As I said, I didn't play enough with it to dial it in as I should have and I'm sure, from all I've read about it, it will serve someone very well willing to adjust and compare lap times. This was never driven in the winter and actually only has about 400 miles on it total.

These sell for right at $700.00 new and I'm asking $350.00 plus shipping. I can tell you it's super heavy duty and very nicely constructed, but if you're serious about track days, then all suspension mods point in this direction for live axle and best handling. One thing I do want to mention is that you will need to have the tin differential cover as there is not a lot of clearance between the bellcrank and the differential, so if you have a custom differential cover, you'll have to put the OE one back on.


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