Foot Hill's Fastback

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Dec 9, 2014
This is what I've got

65 fastback.
DSS bullet block 302/306
9:75 compression
Comp cam custom blower grind cam 5.18 lift with 114* separation and duration at .050 in.228 ex.232
Edelbrock performer 1.60/ 2.02 aluminum heads lock wire gasket
Forged pistons
9" rear end with rear disk.
Detroit locker
31 spline moser axles
4:11 gears
T-5 (to get it going (was free)
Lakewood scatter shield
Fatman fabrication strut and rack and pinion kit
93 cobra front disk brakes
89 efi fuel injection (Windsor fox no brainer wiring harness)
Hyd clutch

All the above is installed just no wiring hooked up yet.
Still need fuel system
Brake lines
Drive line
Cooling system
Interior kit
And tires wheels.
Dec 9, 2014

So after 20 years (purchased the long-block assembly salvaged 5.0 donor car in 1995)
And help from some of you I spent a weekend installing harness and hooking up all the sensors required to make the eng. run. (Original wiring was a mess and cut/hacked up so I removed all and will replace with new at later date)

Placed 5.0 fuel tank onto nearby table and ran fuel hoses to eng. rail. Primed and circulated fuel system till solid stream of fuel came from return line.

Poured water into radiator (mounted with one bolt) then noticed small leak at driver side block freeze plug :(
Tried lightly tapping it to slow/stop leak and plug just shot into water jacket!!

At this point I wasn't going to let a little thing like "no water"stop me from starting this virgin eng up that night so I pulled the dist. Primed oil pump and via ign switch started it up.
Yeah!!! It fired right up!

Let it run for maybe 30 seconds and got super excited to finish this thing.

I'm now researching brake and fuel system and looking into aluminum driveline, fuel system and brake m/c and proportioning valve.
This car will be a street/strip hot rod restromod and my wife is as excited and I am to get it going.

Thanks for reading and all future help that I know I'll need.
Dec 9, 2014
Replaced the freeze plug, filled up with distilled water installed eng fan and fired it up again. Ran engine to break in cam (flat tappet) and check for any other leaks. Seams good so far.
Had to shut it down and get up to house for kids "santa call"

I purchased aluminum 15/16" master cyl. And a proportioning valve today.
Next project is to start/run engine and set timing then sort out what I'll need as far as brake lines.

Oh.. And dust the poor thing off so I won't be ashamed and more likely to post more pics.
Dec 9, 2014
Look! See a problem?

Hard for me to admit that I did this but after realizing my mistake it's kind of funny now.
Go ahead... Laugh at me :)


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Apr 27, 2001
Cincinnati Ohio
I'd laugh but that might bring back memories of some similar bone head mistakes I've made. It happens. Looks good so far.

horse sence

That $5 hooker turn out to be a guy
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Nov 29, 1999
Wile Coyote's stunt double
PFFFT! Aint nothin . My first motor build ,i forgot to bolt it down ,Big dent in the hood after revving it . Opened the hood and revved it again to see what happened ,Is that motor supposed to climb out of the engine compartment like that ?:doh: Course i was only 15 at the time .
Dec 9, 2014
Well, needing to repair some rust in floor and toe pan so purchased the appropriate panels


Luckily this is the only rust on car, the cowl is in great shape and only thing needed is -LOTS-of screw holes all over floor pan. Most seem to be from mounting center console and cheap Kragen speakers (mounted behind drivers and pass. Seats wtf?) Prob. About two dozen screw holes need to be welded up.

Also noticed floor supports/sub frame) are bent/dented up from jack placement so I'll be replacing these. Just need to read up on does/don'ts with that.
So far I've got a can of weld through primer and P.O.R.
Really glad this is a California car with minimum rust.
Dec 9, 2014
On light duty (just got vasectomy) so I brought home a new steering wheel with deeper dish so the column (flaming river tilt with Gm spline) can be pushed in firewall a bit more to help clear the Jba shorty headers. Using fatman crossmember and escort manual rack.

This caused me to install seat and dig up t5 shifter handle then for the first time in twenty years actually sit in car and pretend to drive it. Haha.

Focus focus focus.
Dec 9, 2014

Twenty years later it's finally got a wheel set that fits!
(Please pay no attention to forklift air filter I've got stuffed on, I had it on my work truck and serves purpose for now;)
Dec 9, 2014
Well... Buying parts is easier than finding time to install.


New style Mike Maier panhard rod kit. Looks great!

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Dec 9, 2014
Ok. Slow day at work so stayed home and made some progress.
Removed both seat supports in order to straighten out some pushed in sections of floor pan and start on rust prevention

Once the supports were out it was just few minutes of knocking dents out from top.

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Dec 9, 2014
Two steps forward one step back!

I’m back on this thing again
one thing thats been holding me back is it was built using a 1978 non-roller block and flat tappet cam with early firing order.
That just doesn’t play well with Fox body EFI system
There are ways to tune around it I just didn’t feel comfortable going forward so strip the engine down removed the camshaft in the process of selecting a good custom Bri there are ways to tune around it I just didn’t feel comfortable going forward so strip the engine down removed the camshaft in the process of selecting a good custom grind.
Another thing was the 30-year-old harness the tape and wiring loom were so stiff that felt like solid strand wire pretty intimidating when the whole harness is in the car but when you break it down to the few sections it’s not so bad here’s a picture of my injector harness before
View attachment 620216
And here about six hours later stripped everything down separated all the wires covered them with Tessa tape then braided loom then Tessa tape all the junctions and ends came out really nice and it’s flexible once again
View attachment 620216 View attachment 620217
Dec 9, 2014
Purchased complete wiring harness today.
(American auto wire classic update kit )
Hard to fork out almost 1k for this but it’s a really complete kit including ign switch, door plungers, relay bank, fuse box etc.
I’m actually excited to install


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Jul 10, 2001
You can change the EFI to batch fire rather than sequential rather easily. Non HO 5.0L engines used batch fire.


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Aug 23, 2014
You are gonna like the AAW harness. I have one still in the box that is going in one of my projects.
Dec 9, 2014
You are gonna like the AAW harness. I have one still in the box that is going in one of my projects.
It’s an awesome kit!

Took me about two hours taking out all of the old wiring
And probably ten times as long to reinstall the new harness.
I’m not in a rush and replacing Everything!
It’s actually very satisfying laying all the fresh supple wiring in and becoming intimate with the car on a whole new level lol.
Love all the options (power windows,third brake light, trunk light,electric fan etc. that come with the kit. I am running every available option and I’m just tying the wire up hiding it under the loom in case I want it in the future
Oh. And it even plugged right into my flaming river tilt column which was a nice surprise.
Dec 9, 2014
Worked on the efi harness also.
Stripped everything down completely Then retapped and covered with new loom.
Also cleaned all conections and ohm’d everything out
What a difference!

Efi harness being stripped down

Dec 9, 2014
Now I’m getting to the rusty floor pan
Cut out old rusty section
Learning about torque boxes and that I might as well install before welding in new toe section

Just fitting the upper section in.
I’m going to cut a bit more rusted area away and end up in middle of floor support and trans cross brace so seams will be supported.
I’ll get more pics as I go.
I’m all over with this!
Expecting my new roller cam next week so hope to get some good work done on this sheet metal this weekend although I think adding torque boxes is going to be a good sized job.
Oh well. Progress is progress

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