SOLD Free 88 Tbird Turbo Couple 8.8 3.55 4 lug disc complete rear axle - Pickup Only CA


May 19, 2021
san jose, ca
This a complete 8.8" 3.55(L) 4 lug disk brake axle assembly from 88 turbo coupe. Its been sitting since 2000 as the car it was destined for was stolen. There is some surface rust, but its complete with rotors, calipers, and brake lines...
I registered just to post. Rather give it to some who can use it rather than scraping.
Pix are available, but need to figure how to add to my media then link here..

Tag on Diff cover
top line: 431D
bottom line: 3SL55 88 8F22

Price: Free ($0)
Location: San Jose, California
Pick-up only. Shipping would likely be cost prohibitive.
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