That's the fastest $400 car out there
Jan 9, 2003
ok if i start by saying i want to get a group of us to go gocarting at sykart in tigard in 2-3 weeks from now what day would most people be able to make. any day is ok but if you plan on going back as of right now m-th you save 4$ a run if you are a member. 30$ to be member with one free race and every 11th race is free and a free b-day race. m-th if your a member its 10$ for 10 mins if not i think its 14$ and if you dont have a helmit you got to pay for a helmit liner which you would have to buy.(if member you get one when you bought your membership which is good for one year. they open at 11 am and close at 11 m-sat sun 11-10pm
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