Good Mustang Ii Pics Needed

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Jul 31, 2003
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Greetings all! I hope the administrators are cool with this, if not let me know.

My name is Bob Wilson and I am the Editorial Director at CarTech Inc. We have a series of trivia books called 1001 Facts. So far we have done Muscle Car Facts, Drag Racing Facts and Harley Facts. Next up is a book on 1001 Mustang Facts. Unfortunately, our author Steve Magnante (of Barrett-Jackson fame) does not have any good photos of Mustang IIs in his collection. So, I am reaching out for help.

We need all types of IIs in excellent, stock appearing condition. Cobra IIs, King Cobra, Ghias, base coupes and fastbacks. They must be stock appearing and in excellent condition, and you must own the rights to the photo. Also, the image must be hi-res, 300dpi, as this will be in print. So, if you are interested in having a pic of your Mustang II in a book, let me know what you have.

You can respond here or send pics to [email protected]. Thanks!


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Mar 7, 2002
Mine has a 3" cowl hood in black primer, none-ya-bidness tint, chrome pony wheels, side-exit exhaust, and ass-high stance from the rear air shocks.
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Resurrecting an old thread just to use the title. This was shared by a friend of mine in Iowa at an all Mustang and Ford show he and his club hosted over the weekend last weekend. He said there were a few IIs in attendance but he only had one picture of one. Apparently this one won the burnout contest - and it looks familiar to me for some reason. Maybe he was a member here at some point, or maybe I ran into him before I moved to Georgia. :shrug: In any event, here's a pretty cool pic to share!


Here's another from the show's Facebook page that I edited to show just the II. The line of cars was a club from Kansas.


Here's the show's name and club's web presence if anyone is interested:

IMU Mustang Invasion
Instagram- @stanginvasion
YouTube- Unstabled Antics
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