got my fuel lines in and latest gen of mods mostly complete - 84 SVO


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Sep 7, 2001

Dunno why, but thought of you guys over here. Red, you are the man, all these years later, still modding!

So, still modding the SVO, I only drive it about 500 miles a year. I work at home, have my wife's castoff Jeep Cherokee as a daily when I need it...blah blah blah.

Howevah, I love this car! Love working on it, love modding it, love driving it! (yeah baby!). Trying to break into the 500hp club w/ it now. I've got Stingers PIMP ECU (very sweet!), Bo's Head Stage 3 w/ his 2.5 cam, Bob's log header, blah blah blah again.

I put a photobucket page up if'n you guys would like to see the current underhood look - Pictures by JamesPrice3 - Photobucket

She's come a long way these last 9 years, check out the April 15, 2002 pic of the engine the day I bought her. April 15 2002, the day I brought her home, w/ a blown headgasket picture by JamesPrice3 - Photobucket

That's it, take care! May this board live on!
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Nov 29, 1999
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Ha, yeah still moderator but not in the 2.3L game anymore and I honestly don't feel like I do much of a job as a moderator...hard to check in here much during the day anymore.

First time you've been around here in awhile, good to see you!