Group-A Fox Body!


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Sep 14, 2019
You don't often see Fox Body Mustangs on a track that isn't a straight 1/4 mi, but in the 80s there was at least one team that ran GTs in the Australian Touring Car Championship. This is one of those cars:


They did not do well. Evidently, the cars were built by Zakspeed in Germany and were delivered with about 60% of the power that was promised. The driver for the team, Dick Johnson, said of the cars "They would not pull a sailor off your sister," the Australians really do have a way with words, don't they? They were effectively replaced in Group A racing worldwide by the Ford Sierra RS Turbo, the car we would come to know in the US as the Mekur XR4Ti.

Even if they weren't competitive, it's still fun to watch this car claw its way through corners. The driver looks like he's having to work pretty hard to keep it on track.
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