Guys with aluminum heads and carbs, where to pick the motor up at?


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Nov 15, 2005
Im about 3 days away from stabbing my motor in my car, and have a question. It is not EFI so i dont have the benefit of using a lift plate with several bolts to hold the plate. I have a regular 4 bbl, dual plane intake, and aluminum heads. I DO NOT want to use the intake to lift the motor up (4 - 5/16 bolt holes dont offer me much assurance) But im also skeptical about lifting it from the front and rear holes in the heads.

Where have you guys lifted yours from.

I promise this is the last thread im starting today :D
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better be the last one you start today!!!!!!!

j/k,, honestly when i did it i just got the stock lift plate thingys and put them on the exhaust port on the front and rear opposite of eachother and it worked fine. i also used a header bolt once to put the engine in.. that was with no tranny tho so :shrug:
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When you used the stock lift thingies (which i still have), were you running aluminum heads, or the stock ones? I wouldnt worry for a second if i had iron heads, im just worried about busting a chunk of aluminum out of the head if i lift it by that.
you can tie straps around the headers and lift it that way. I did that when I lifted my motor. Had the thing in the air for several minutes too because I forgot to pull the starter cable off the block and the starter got stuck under the crossmember. Obviously you need to make sure you get strong straps. I got this idea from a friend that has been using this method for several years with no problems.
no if they are tight i believe you should be fine. i was fine when i did mine

I can see it now.. ill have 5 people ready to "catch" the motor when we go to put it in. if i did this all the time, i wouldnt be concerned, but this is the first time in 5 years the car will have a motor in it. The last thing i want to do is drop it when im trying to put it in :(
yea umm.. that would suck!!!! you better video it man when you get it up and running...

PS my car is going to be tuned in the spring - im stoked never been on a dyno or had a tune so this should be fun!