Handz Detailed: SN95 Exterior Maintenance... Taken Too Far

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Apr 11, 2005
Salt Lake City, UT
Yes Moon, you're the only one that feels that way, because you haven't been here long enough to make that judgement. If you had been here longer, you'd know that Handz is well known for his brilliant detailing work, and a lot of us have learned a ton from him about it. He's not just doing it to show off, though there's nothing wrong with showing off your ability, but he has also been completely open about HOW he does it and lists the products used.

I have a 96 GT, are you going to talk about its "value" as well?

Anyway, sorry to go so off topic. Awesome work as usual Handz. I wish I knew how to make mine look that good. Alas......it's black....
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Not open for further replies.