Have A Chance To Buy Back My First Car From 25 Years Ago - 70 Mustang Grande Coupe


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Jun 11, 2016
Dallas, TX
Hi all - newby here from Dallas, TX.

I bought my first car in 1989 - a 1970 Coupe Grande Mustang with 351w. Around '91 I got in a financial bind and sold the 70 to my brother. From there it changed hands a few times over the years. I haven't seen it since 1991 and I've always regretted selling it.

This weekend, the current owner put it up for sale for $7000

I don't have much money. I'm guessing if I miss buying this, I'll never have that chance again.

The car is rough. Interior is somewhat trashed, there is severe rust in the floor panels (at least on one side, I'll have to check into it more to learn more), the exterior isn't terrible but has had some abuse (ruined valance panel, bent bumpers, scraped driver's door). Mechanically it looks like it has been sitting 3 years since its last inspection. The owner says the car was running 3 years ago when the starter went out and they took the carb to use on another project.

In 1990 I replaced the transmission with another of the same model from a wrecking yard. Somewhere along the way, they got rid of the 351 Windsor and put in a 302.

That is really all I know about it. Currently I live in a community where major work on cars isn't allowed. I am not rich - quite the opposite. But I do have a little cash from a severance check from my last job, which I could use to purchase it if there is some wiggle room on the price.

I live 3 hours away from it. I either need to buy it without knowing more and trailer it to my dad's place in the country, or work on it for a day, installing the carb (a quadrajet 2 barrel he has with it), and installing the new starter and battery (also with the car) so I can see IF it will start and if the engine, trans, brakes etc work.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated. How difficult and expensive are Mustangs to get replacement parts for?

Pics - first is me with the car in 1989. The rest are current.

interior pass.jpg
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I Hate to say it ,but ..$7000 is a lot of money for it to have the wrong motor ,not knowing if it runs, and needing a lot of work .69s are expensive to work on as it is ,if it is sentimental value then ...Well ,still a lot of money .
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