Having some drivetrain issues, need some advice...


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Nov 25, 2021
I recently bought a 1994 GT convertible Saleen clone. It's pretty much stock under the hood except a Vortec V-2 S-trim (no cooler), what looks to be an MSD distributor, and that's about it. It does have an X-Pipe, and exhaust of some sort (probably Flowmasters. Pro5.0 shifter, Tubular k-member, Tokico black shocks, some kind of springs as it's lowered a bit, 02-03 seats, roll bar, new top, etc. Really nice black paint job probably done with the Saleen body kit. Chrome Cobra R's. I also have drilled and slotted rotors on all corners. My question here is I'm looking for a good head, cam, intake combo and hear conflicting opinions especially on heads. My goal is to keep it streetible, while making comfortable 500-550 reliably, and keeping price relatively in check.Anyone hear anything good about the PROMaxx Performance, Speed master, and of course AFR, but remember I said price although they do sell those AFR Enforcers for $525 ea. Of course there's always TFS TW but they are a bit to expensive. I'm probably going to go with an F Cam, and Edelbrock Perf RPM II intake, or TFS Street, or a Holley Systemaxx. Obviously going to need a TKO 600 or a TKX but I suppose I wanted to hear some advice on if it sounds like a realistic goal given my thoughts. And some help explaining combustion chamber size as it relates to blowers. Thanks guys for letting me get my first initial post out there. Also my car makes this almost grinding sound that comes from directly beneath the shifter, I guessed probably the trans mount and maybe the motor mounts so I took it in yesterday just waiting on
Amazon. Does this sound right? Thanks for reading all of my diatribe. Wish me luck.


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