hello everyone. i am new to the group. i just purchased a 2007 mustang GT with upgrade edelbrok supercharger. i getting a code P2104.Throttle actuator


New Member
Aug 9, 2021
Denver, Colorado
i looked it up and it say to look a wiring issues. i didn't find any issues with wiring to actuator. i believe the throttle body stays open every time i rev up the engine.
it causes the car to not go anywhere when i hit the gas pedal. the car does not stall. gas pedal does not work. so i have to restart and it works.
what other things can i look for when i take the throttle body off.
i know i have to check the voltage on the actuator. is there a certain number that it has to be at in order to work properly?
if anyone has had this type of issue, let me know what i could look for.
thank you
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