Help determining value of mustang

I restored my g.fathers 66 mustang quite a few yrs ago. It went into storage abt 3 yrs after i restored it and its been there since. I wish i could keep it, but financial burdens are requiring me to sell it... And the sooner the better. Any help with figuring a fair listing price would be awesome. Doing research on it puts the value anywhere btwn $5,000 - $20,000. I need an exact amount, who lists their car "for sale: $7,500-16,300" lol. I know many factors go into determining the value of a car, especially a classic. So below ill list as much pertinent info i think would be needed in determining a good sale price. Any more info abt the car you need ill gladly provide. Again, i need to sale it asap, your help would be cherished................................................200ci straight 6 rebuilt motor, abt 15,000 miles on it. However, due to being in storage so long, it will need rebuilt again........ Storage also has caused tires to go bad but that s the extent of storage damage...... Paint job is excellent condition, white with blue racing strips. It was covered so no fall out, dust, etc hurt the paint.... All new blue intetior, with custom seat covers that protect the front seats, great JBL stero system, custom neon accent lighting, also added a tach to stirring column and alarm system is accompanied by hidden toggle kill switch...... Still has drum brakes but added custom 16" all chrome wheels..... Custom shaved door handles with electric solenoid to pop open.... Rebuilt original 3 speed automatic trans on the floor.... New suspension with air shocks if you wanna look cool and rack it, lol.... Engine needs rebuilt but i chromed out the majority and added 2 barrel carb, electric gas pump with adjustable pressure guage, deep cell marine battery, k & n filter a stsrem, msd distributor and msd ignition box, just abt all external engine performance upgrades one can do is done.......
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May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
Like you said. Lots of variables go into determining the value of the car. With out detailed pictures of the car it will be impossible to even get in the ballpark. If the engine was rebuild and only 15K miles were put on it I wouldn't think it would need to be rebuilt. If you want max value you need to get that motor running. I would pull it out and turn it over by hand just to make sure it is free. Then if you can pull the distributor and run the oil pump with a drill would be best. After that I would try to crank it. You might have to rebuild the carburetor and put a set of points in it, but that stuff is cheap.

A pristine 66 inline 6 mustang would be in the 20s. It would have to have excellent paint and all cosmetic details, interior, chrome, super clean engine bay and so on.

If it needed a rebuild engine, new tires and only the promise that everything else was good it might be a 5 or 6 thousand dollar car. If it is in good condition. No rust and running and driving, I'm also assuming its a coupe, then maybe 12 or 13K.

Again, with no pictures its hard to guess. I'm no expert on the value of these cars either, so I could be way off. I'm just basing things off of what I see on market place down here in south Alabama.

If it has AC, that works, that will raise the value. Especially if it is a factory system. Being a fastback or convertible will also help. Fastback being the most desirable, but I dont even know if they made fastbacks with inline 6s in them.