How can I tell if I have Anti-Lock brakes?

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Not running yet

GRGT1994 said:
On dirt or snow, hit the brakes hard enough to lock em up. If you spin, you don't have em.

I thought maybe someone would say...duh....just hit the brakes hard...dummy! but..... I didn't clarify....

The car is not running yet... I have not driven it yet.

I was wondering if I could tell my just looking at something in the engine area.

Just curious at this point...
didn't all 94-98 GT's get 4-wheel abs standard?????

If you look at your front/rear wheel hubs, there will be an ABS sensor that plugs into each hub. It has 1 or 2 bolts I think.
Like the other post said you can look on the pass side and there is a aluminum box that is the abs control module and it should have about four brake lines coming into the top of it. The other way is to watch for a abs light to lite up when you start the car is should come on for a few seconds and then go off. This is a self test and will only happen if you have a abs system.