how do i restore these rims?


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Nov 12, 2002
Hi all,
pics of my rims below.
they are in horrible shape in my opinion.
I'm no expert, but at a minimum, it appears the clear coat is coming off in various spots.

I have been watching a bunch of vids, and it seems it is simple enough to clean them up and paint, but I don't want to be misled by some vids that don't give you all the details, like how durable the paint will be for example.

This is a 95 gt, the original color of the rims was some sort of metallic silver color. I would like to get them back to like new condition and original paint, or all white. another option i would be interested in would be polishing them, but the center piece is plastic, not sure how that would work. would I paint it with some chrome paint and sand and polish?

so first question, is it as easy as i am being made to believe?

second question, are special paints needed?

i probably wouldnt start painting anything until the weather warmed up, but i could start cleaning and prepping now while i wait for the weather. i will have to think about if i want the orginal paint or white or polished (if even possible).

The car itself has failing clear coat as well in various spots unfortunately. At some point i will start a thread on that, but i think that paintjob will require a shop.



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Definitely a sanding and repaint will work. It is simple enough to do with some sand paper and rattle can wheel silver paint (usually they are metallic silver). Sand smooth and paint the center caps as well with same paint, should look good (chrome painting them will never look right).

If you want something a slight different than totally stock, try polishing the rim lip (possibly the beveled ring as well).

I refinished a set of foxbody turbines a few years ago, polished the lip and fins/spokes, painted the rest.

IMG_0074.JPG IMG_0075.JPG
thanks for that, i just skimmed it now, will read it end to end later today maybe. i already have some questions, will ask in that thead.
thanks again
hey all,
so i finished 2 of my rims, pic of one below.
the other 2 are primed, but I'm torn on what I am going to do moving forward as far as the base coat goes. i used the ford argent silver PM-19K207-AA for the first two, and I really think the original color was a little lighter (whiter) and I want to say a bit more reflective/metallicky.
i found a website with tons of options:

I'm thinking about getting a can of this maybe and see what it looks like:
according to the site, this color came out in 1994, which is the year they switched to my car style (95gt)

the pic below that is from a top dwon side angle with the valve stem at he 4 o clock position is something i found that must be the original paint. i just found this and maybe my memory is bad because this seems really close. (the pic is from some classic car site and allegedly the car has only 40k miles on it, so im assuming its original paint). the online pic was taken in doors, mine is obv outoors, so min elooks littler brighter/lighter.

lol, so i went out again just now and too another pic in a similar angle as the snip i made from online image, and they look really close. and in the sun, it seems to be more like i remember it than it did earlier. i may still buy a can of the other and try it.

my rim doesn't look glossy for some reason in the pics, but it is, moreso than the online image I snipped...

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You did a good job on polishing these wheels, it's been a while since I've seen this pattern. It is not the usual 5-spoke rims that I see on shops like 4WheelOnline. You made the right decision to stick with OEM wheels because it suits your classing Stang.