I bought a Mustang for my son, have some questions


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May 15, 2018
My youngest son will be driving soon and he was dead set on a Mustang. I found a good deal on a 2008 6 cyl for 3000 so I bought it but I knew of some issues before hand. The power steering pump has a leak, my code reader and Torque Pro says something about a mass air flow sensor, the AC has issues and I noticed none of the cigarette adapters work.

With the AC it didn't blow cold so I had my mechanic who it up to his ac equipment and put some freon in it. It started blowing cold but he said something about one of the guages readings not being right and I need to flush the system out. I also think I might have a short or loose wire somewhere because when my son got in it the first day as soon as he either shut the door or sat down everything stopped blowing but then it started again at a different time. Also every time you first turn the vents/ac selector knob on I hear a loud clicking/knocking sound for a few moments behind the vents or dash somewhere.

The front door speakers sound about gone and I have a new set of Pioneer 6x9's I would like to put in but when I googled 2008 Mustang door speakers it shows to be a 6x8, will a 6x9 work? The car also didn't come with a keyless entry, am I better of buying some cheap aftermarket kit or does the car have the equipment already and I just need to get the clicker and have it programed?

I also noticed no lights shows what gear I am in by the selector, I am.not sure if it is suppose to have an indicator but the gears are close together and my son was asking about it
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Dec 17, 2001
Dickson, TN
The clicking noise is the Blend door actuator. There are two or three I think. Mine has done that for years, I just don't feel like changing them until they quit. For Keyless entry, you can buy the remotes on Ebay for around $20 a pair and program them yourself. Turn the key on and off 8 times stopping in the on position, then push the lock button on each remote, then turn the key off. Not sure about the 6x9s, but since you have them, why not pull a door panel and try it before you buy anything. Just a heads up, the thermostat housing on the 4.0 tends to develop leaks. Easy fix, just something to keep in mind. I don't have good info on the rest of your issues. But I'd bet once you get the important parts squared away, he'll have a good ride.