Engine Idle air control?


New Member
Jun 3, 2021
Fort Worth texas
I'm having issues with my 96 GT, things been a headache since I got it. It started with a coolant leak in the intake, fixed that, had to buy gaskets because the integrated gaskets didn't seal a thing. Ok, fixed that. Then the idle was rough, new plugs and wires, fixed it. Then idle was rough again, hmm checked the gap and completely killed my car gapping the used plugs, so walked it all in to working. Now I hear a constant humm while car is at idle.......... Well now I'm in a pickle because I have no idea what to do, when I Google it, it says it's the idle air control valve. So I took the resonator box and flipped the hoses around on it to see if that helped the hum and for 2 miles I had no hum..... It's humming again so I figured it was the silencer box. Removed it and put a straight hose and the hum persisted. Guess I should replace the idle air control but is there anything I could do to mitigate it,because the hum stopped when I flipped the hoses it tells me the valve isn't bad the resonator is or maybe put hose clamps on it?
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