is it my clutch? revs up every time i engage clutch TELL ME NO

I HAD a starting problem which turned out to be my tps so i swapped it out and car starts everytime..took it out for a test drive and was doing fine til i pushed the clutch in and started reving up to like 2500 in 2nd at 30mph...shut car off restarted it and didnt do it at first then started again REVS UP EVERY TIME I PUSH IN THE CLUTCH IS MY CLUTCH BAD? ive seen the surging idle checklist but its soooo long and dont even know where to start PLEASE HELP
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my mods are 86 5.0 gt40 heads cobra intakes 65mm throttle body 24# injectors crower street cam blaster coil race wires pro 5.0 shifter... off road bbk 2.5 exhaust. 1 5/8 headers..converted to mass air using a9l computer cold air kit adjustable fuel pressure reg.... a/c eleminator...1.7 roller rockers...underdrive pulleys
if it is revving when the clutch pedal is down then you have an idle problem and not a clutch. if you are moving with the clutch pedal up and the rpms start rising and the speed not rising then you have a problem. in your case, check the iac valve on the throttle body. in case you don't know, it is the big cylindrical shaped object with 2 bolts holding it on. also check for vacuum leaks
i am not sure if you can test it but you can remove it and spry it down good with lube and clean the carbon from it. also check throttle cable and throttle body to see if they are moving smooth and not sticking. i guess you could send 12 volts to the iac if you have it off but you would have to test which wire is hot on the car with the key on so you know where to put power to on the iac. i am not sure it gets a full 12 volts but it should move on the inside and move back when you disconnect it i believe.
I had the same exact problem you are describing. When I would pull up to a stop sign or stop light my RPM's would raise for no reason with the clutch pushed in. Vacuum leak was the culprit for me. I addressed it and never had the problem again.
i use starting fluid but there is a tool that connects to a small lantern propane bottle and you can use that too. don't be afraid of a fire, i spray starting fluid on hot surfaces all the time and have yet to ignite it.