Is there a proper way to let the nitrous out of my bottle b4 selling?

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Run it through the motor.

Or sell it to a drug head. People love huffing that stuff.

But I would just open it outside. Its not hazardous except in confined spaces b/c it displaces O2.
hahah once i did it in my basement and blew a ton of stuff off the wall:lol:

I meant running it through my engine. :D We have been known to sneak up a group of people standing around BSing and open the valve for a blast of cold air to scare the chit out of people. Works great on girl's skirts. :nice: Just have to make sure it's about empty so you don't leave a mark on their hinny. :rlaugh:
I know everyone was kidding about selling it to crackheads...BUT

If someone was to huff it, it would either make them REALLY sick or even die.

The automotive grade nitrous has 100 Parts per million sulfer in it to keep people from huffing it.

I once got a mother bottle (55lb) of medical grade nitrous and put that in my car. It doesnt feel any different that auto nitrous...just a little FYI