Just purchased a 2015 EcoBoost Mustang. 47K miles. Is this excessive blow by? No white smoke from breather or exhaust. No abnormal engine noise.


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Nov 26, 2020
So I just bought this car yesterday. I checked the oil today and it was 2.7 quarts low! :oops: I looked underneath and there was a large oil puddle coming from the oil filter. Its seal must've failed as the filter was tight. I filled it up with oil and drove back to the dealer. They changed my oil and filter free of charge. I decided to check for blow by and this is what I see: Link to video

Is this excessive? Did I get screwed? 70 psi oil pressure cold. Mid 20s hot idle.
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Wasn't a pretty sight...and I've got big hands
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Mar 2, 2015
Not really . No visible smoke. Blow by would also be low compression. Car would misfire slightly. How many miles are on it ?

I always ran full synthetic oil and 93 octane fuel in mine. If you bought it from a non-Ford dealer I'd take it to Ford and have them check the car out. I work for a big used dealer and tel the same to all of our customers.

Ecoboost mustangs are known for certain things...like timing cover oil leaks and noise from rear when turning in tight circles slowly.