Progress Thread King Cobra Build in Oregon


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Dec 6, 2005
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You'll have to be careful doing that, the retainer on the transmission is what locates it in the bellhousing. It's commonplace to have the retainer machined to fit the bell housing. It takes around .020" or so for it to fit. A competent machine shop should be able to take care of that rather quickly.
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Mar 29, 2020
I feel like I am always raining on your parade. I really don't mean to. I just want to help avoid my mistakes. Which are numerous.

The bearing retainer acts as a dowel pin so to speak to keep trans aligned with the bell. I recommend having it turned down by a machine shop if you stick with the aluminum one. Keep in mind it is considered a weak point on the t5. One of the first things done to beef up a t5 is switching to a steel retainer. I had my first one turned down by the machine shop. When I purchased the new t5 from MDl they included a steel one. When I rebuilt my old t5 I used a new steel one from MDL. They use oem style steel which are turned down to fit our bell. I am leery of recommending them but they are the only place to get off the self parts for us.

If you get a new one pick up a shim kit as well. You should re-shim the trans when replacing it.

I don't remember the weight difference but MDL's flywheel is noticably lighter. I want to say oem is 40ish lbs and the mdl is 25ish lbs.
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