Engine Loud knocking/bang and hard starting/rough idle


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Nov 23, 2020
Hey everyone!

First post here!
I just got my 96GT back from up north, sitting around for about 7-8 years and no upkeep... Long story short, pops just left it covered outside in the DC weather...
I'm starting to work on it again and am having a ton of issues as you can imagine. For starters, i'm having a really hard time getting it to turn over and start. It will crank and crank and crank and finally turn overland start after I give it some gas, but pedal to the floor. Once I have it on, the idle is extremely rough and nearly shuts off. Fuel is also very old and am siphoning soon. There is a very LOUD knock and is not consistent, will bang/knock every second but multiple times (google search says possibly misfire/rod knock/cylinder issue) Thats a lot to go by for a newb like me.

Parts swapped out so far
K&N Fuel Filter- White liquid came out of old filter/possibly water, never replaced
All 8 spark plug and cables - NGK Iridium/Ford racing 9mm cables- Extremely corroded when removed
Screamin Demon Distributor Caps
Optima Red Top 1000CA/ 800CCA
Oil change- No water/condensation found in oil
Mishimoto Thermostat
BBK 86mm Throttle body
BBK MAF Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor
S&R Cold Air Intake

Thinking of changing Fuel injectors next 19Lb stock size, waste of money?!?!

Any insight you can all provide would be great. Thanks Stang team!

I can do a little more than basics, but all signs are pointing to a rebuild. Can any of you master mechanics confirm? Looking for a great mechanic in 305 area if that's the case!
Watch attached video of engine sound! If no video, can send please msg directly.


I'd be looking at jacking under the house
Jun 28, 2020
Memphis TN
If its been run on the old fuel for any sig amount of time....intake valves maybe stuck. Careful cranking it next time....if it resists turning. Dont force it. I'm not sure what breaks on a overhead cam car when the intake valves are stuck. On a pushrod engine, they bend.
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