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May 26, 2008
I am located in Uxbridge, MA. I will ship small stuff, but the big stuff will be local pickup only. Best offer on everything. All offers will be considered.
PM me for inquerys.
This is the complete list

1- pair of 69 Mustang Convertable seats with headrests. Black, Good shape for age but could use recovering. These will fit 65-70 seat tracks. Add the support of headrests to your 65-68.

1- World Class T5 5 speed manual transmission. Came out of 86 Mustang and will fit 84-93 Mustangs direct or install in something else. Shifted great before removed from car. I replaced it with a stronger one when I went supercharged.

1- Complete 306 CI rotating assembly. Balanced to 50 oz flywheel and harmonic balancer. Speed Pro Forged flat top .030" over pistons, Eagle I-beam rods, .010/.010" ground crankshaft. These have about 4000 miles on them before I rebuilt the engine to handle a big supercharger.

1- set of four 17" American Racing Torque Thrust II Polished Aluminum Wheels and Like New Yokohama Tires. Wheels are 17 x 8 with 4.5 x 5 lug pattern, Tires are 245/45-17. These have been sitting and could use a good polishing.

1- Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold and Holley 750 carberator and Ford Racing polished oval air cleaner. fits Ford 260, 289, 302 Windsor blocks. Taken off for fuel injection project.

1- Early Mustang Manual Small block 6 bolt bell housing D5DA- I think it fits either 3 or 4 speed transmissions.

1- 67-68 Original hood with 67 GT-500 scoop molded onto it. no rust or rot. It was stripped and painted about 8 years ago and is in great shape. Just repaint to match your car.

1- 67-68 Original trunklid no rust or rot. also stripped and painted about 8 years ago and is in great shape. Removed for Shelby conversion.

1- pair of 67-68 Original coupe and convertable Quarter extensions. Stripped and painted about 8 years ago. Removed for Shelby Conversion.

1- New set of 65-66 black sunvisors.

1- 67-68 Original Front bumper that has been rechromed. Never been mounted after rechrome. Chrome is in nice shape, but I feel it was not up to my standards for my show car.

2- Pairs of 67 original disc brake spindles

1- pair of Polyurethane Motor Mounts for 1966-1972 Mustang with Small Block Engine

1- Reman Power Steering pump 67-69

1- Pair of 67-70 performance big block front coil springs barely used.

1- Used aftermarket front bumper 67-68 nice shape

1- Used aftermarket rear bumper 67-68 nice shape

2- New 1-1/8" 65-66 Front sway bars

1- New pair of Patriot Clippster Shorty headers Ceramic coated part number 84301 fits 65-73 260/289/302

1- Original 67 driveshaft came from 67 Mustang with 289 and C4 transmission and 8" rear

1- Original 67 289 Timing cover has been glass beaded

1- Pair of used aftermarket 67 deluxe door mirrors. Drivers is remote. Nice shape Not show quality

1- New TCP Complete Shock Tower & Monte Carlo Brace Kit, 1965-1970 Mustang & Cougar. Part number STBK 01 from Mustangs Unlimited. I only mounted it once and it didnt clear my supercharger.

1- aftermarket 67-68 Flip down gas cap. I mounted it on the car for fitting of Shelby tail panel. Never really used it.

1- Used K&N X-Stream 14" X 3" Air Cleaner Assembly. Painted Blue

1- Original 65-68 rear glass factory tinted

1- Used complete 67 Complete power steering system. Control valve was replaced a few years ago. This is a complete bolt in unit from the slave cylinder to the tie rod ends. Worked great before I replaced this with a rack and pinion system to update the car a little more.

1- pair of original tail light housings, gaskets, lenses and set of aftermarket bezels.

1- MSD distributor Part number 8598 Billet, Magnetic Trigger, Mechanical Advance, Ford, 289, 302, 5.0L Steel gear for use with roller cams.

1- Used Headers and Flowmaster American Thunder Dual Exhaust System 2-1/2" 1967-1970 Mustang V8 Coupe & Fastback With Rear Valance Cutouts. No Mufflers. With 3" Collectors matched to Flowtech headers Full-Length, Steel, Painted, Ford, Mercury, Mustang, Cougar, 1964-70, Small Block. Part number 12102flt. Headers are typical rusty but no rot.

1- 65-68 NOS Mustang fender emblem running horse. Part number C8zb-16c228-c LH

2- 65-68 NOS Mustang fender emblem running horse. Part number C8zb-16c229-c RH

1- 65-68 NOS Fuel pump sediment bowl Part number C3AZ-9355-A. Fits pump mounted filter

1- New Concours Correct 65-66 Windshield washer pump. 1 speed

1- New repro 65-66 inside rear view mirror. Non day/night

1- New repro 66 quarter ornament RH side

1- New repro 65-66 Coupe and Convertable trunk mat. Plaid design

1- New Set of Wagner Thermo Quiet rear Brake shoes 65-70 6 cylinder with 9"x1-1/5" rear drums

1- New Set of Wagner Thermo Quiet Front Brake shoes 65-70 6 cylinder with 9"x2-14" front drums

1- New Front brake drum 65/66 6 cylinder 9"x2-1/4"

2- New Wagner brake self adjusting kit 6 cylinder LH all years

1- New Wagner brake self adjusting kit 6 cylinder RH all years

1- New Wagner brake shoe hardware kit 64-70 6 cylinder rear does both sides


1- New 65-66 parking brake equalizer lever

1- New Hurst 4 speed shifter knob. White

1- New power steering belt 66/67 200 ci 67/68 289/302/289HiPo

2- New 66 parking brake cable equalizer

1- New alternator fan 65-70 all engines

1- New clutch release lever/fork boot 65 v8 66-73 250/289/302

1- New upper clutch rod spring (attatches from crossshaft to firewall) 69/70 Mustang

1- New windshield washer/wiper 1 speed switch 65/66

1- New Clutch pedal rod seal 65/66

1- New turn signal switch repair cam kit 67-73

1- NOS Heater hose elbow (mounts to intake) 65-71 Mustang/Cougar with 260/289/302 part Number C6AZ-18599-b

2- New Ford Motorsport Valve cover breathers push in Open emmision Chrome with Ford Motorsport Logo

2- New 65/66 brake/tail light housings

1- New Instrument Cluster housing and support 65/66 Pony with round gauges wood grain

1- Used pair of 65/66 Grille Moldings

1- New 65 Standard interior Glove box door Black camera case

1- New 65-67 289 HiPo Chrome air cleaner lid only

1- New 65-73 Headlight dimmer switch

1- NOS 289 Fan pulley spacer 1.25"

1- New concours qaulity alternator harness 66 6 cylinder with gauges

1- NOS fuel filter 66-73 200/250/289/302/351 and 75-76 302 Carb mounted

1- NOS fuel filter 65 170/200/250/289 inline style

1- New set of battery hold down nuts and bolts 65-73

1- NOS set of 8 Spark Plugs 64-73 small block 67-73 big block Part number BF42C

1- NOS Firewall to engine ground cable 65-68

2- NOS distributor cap 65-73 6 cylinder

1- NOS ignition rotor 170 ci 6 cylinder all years

1- New wheel cylinder 65-70 LH Front 6 cylinder

1- New outer tie rod LH or RH 65-66 6 cylinder with manual steering

1- New inner tie rod LH or RH 65-66 6 cylinder with manual steering

4- New tie rod adjusting sleeves 65-66 6 cylinder with manual steering

1- New distributor points set 65-73 6 cylinder

1- NOS distributor points set 65-73 8 cylinder

1- NOS pcv valve 65-73 170/200/250 6 cylinder
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