McLeod clutch issue


Well-Known Member
Oct 16, 2015
North Dakota
I installed a McLeod Street Extreme clutch last year. Broke it in according to instructions. I checked the adjustment and I have little to no preload. Had a couple issues under hard pulls in third gear where I thought it slipped a little, but just wrote it off to operator error. I was at the track yesterday, and twice in third gear it obviously slipped. Pretty sure my main seal is good, no oil anywhere. Info on the clutch says it's rated for 500 crank hp. My setup is 306, B cam, Cobra intake, Y303 aluminum GT40 heads with a Vortech V3 at 10psi. Never been on a dyno, but should be right around 400hp to the wheels. Put my street tires back on and went for a little drive this morning. No slipping issues. Am I just overpowering this clutch at max boost?
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