Moates Quaterhorse Tuning


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Feb 11, 2019
Oregon City
I've recently started wanting to tune my 1992 Fox with a 347 Stroker. I've installed the Moates QuarterHorse chip into the A9L computer, but I'm unsure which software to use for tuning. Should I use Binary Editor or TunerPro RT? I haven't found much helpful information online for Binary Editor, so I'm uncertain about how to proceed. I currently have Binary Editor installed and talking to the stock computer, so I assume this is the correct method.

My understanding is that I need to load a stock tune, create a data log by driving the car, and then import it into EEC Analyzer to get recommendations for adjustments. Is that correct?

Any guidance on self-tuning or recommendations for tuners would be greatly appreciated.
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One option is TunerPro, which is what I think you'll find is Decipha's recommendation. He's a pretty well-known tuner, and you're likely to come across some of his baseline BINs in your tuning efforts.

Another approach, and the one I'll be taking, as I get into tuning again in the next couple months is Binary Editor and Engine Analyzer. You might get lucky like I did and come across someone with a 'dongle' that acts as a transferable license to use those programs. Otherwise, I believe you can still purchase one. I think Leech uses this approach, and either way, I would suggest using the same software as the folks you'll be learning from.