Progress Thread Monkeybutt2000's 89 vert build thread- Back on track

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Alright,once again about at wits end. Fired up car today to check some stuff over. Have had some slight condensation drippings from the exhaust,no big deal. Well,slid under it and found coolant. Appears to be coming from the bellhousing? I know there's no coolant plugs on the back of the block,so what could it be? I felt no moisture around the top end of the engine. Probably gonna put some uv dye in and see what I find.
I had already wiped it off,but you can see where it's leaching down.
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You are missing the boat. Sell your parts now.
She never fails to surprise. Pulled valve covers and discovered this. Turned the lock nut about 1-1/2 turns and the whole thing came out This car just wants to fight me everytime. Of course,I clearly didnt torque down this particular stud. Gonna go back through everyone after I check rocker geometry.
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Just because it has loctite on it doesn’t necessarily mean it got torqued…been there and regretted that.

If the rest check out then run a tap down the hole, vacuum out, clean out with brakes parts cleaner, vacuum out, reinstalled loctited stud, and torque.
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