Erick Solis

New Member
Jan 21, 2018
hey guys, I’m a student and I’m trying to replace my car. I’m looking into these models because I love them and I want to get one. I’ve seen many different prices for them, V6 and v8 ranging from 9,000-$20,000. Of course, for around 50,000 miles or less it goes for over $15,000. I’m a student so money can be an issue but I’m wondering how’s the mainatinence on these cars above around 80,000? I don’t want to save $3,000 to end up going to a repair shop every month (I already do that with my 2000 Chrysler. So for those that hit 80,000 miles or more, how is your mustang standing up? More maintainence work? Less power? P. S. I’m planning to replace the driveshaft, and maybe suspensions within a month of getting the car to upgraded racing ones. Even the rotors and brakes. But other than that, what else would have to be done on a high mileage car. Thanks in advance.
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David Young

Active Member
Sep 16, 2012
Clinton, Tennessee
The 2011 + v6 (3.7L) is a great motor. The water pump is the most thing going bad from what I've read. Mine is still good on my 2011 but I only have 29,500 miles :). If you find a 2011 with power seats, the motors are pretty weak. I had my drivers side motors replaced under warranty but now the passenger side motors are starting to go bad :( . I've read a lot of problems with sway bar end links (bushings) and front end lower control arms making sounds and needing to be replaced. From what I've read...