Mustang Bmr Rear Lower Control Arms Installation Video 2005-2014

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Mustang BMR Rear Lower Control Arm Non-Adjustable With Poly Bushings Pair 2005-2014 | CJ Pony Parts

This pair of BMR Rear Non-Adjustable Lower Control Arms with Polyurethane Bushings fit all 2005-2014 Mustangs. They replace your stock control arms, which are marginal, at best. All of BMR's control arms are TIG welded and utilize either greaseable spiral fluted polyurethane bushings or Teflon lined HD spherical bearings by QA1. Also, all rod end spacers are 304 stainless, so you won't find better quality components.

For installation, you'll first disconnect the factory brake cables and then uninstall your original control arms one at a time. Then, secure into place and torque the new BMR lower control arms, reconnect the brake cables, and tie them to the control arm it's near if you find that they hang too low. Total installation takes around one hour.

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