Digital Tuning Need A Little Advice On My 'new' 07 Gt


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Feb 11, 2018
Hi All,

Does anyone have any experience with a Diablo Sport Predator V1 tuner? Just bought my first Mustang and need a little advice on it from those who have gone before me...

I've always wanted a Mustang, and finally decided to buy one. Today I bought a 2007 GT Premium (windveil blue, interiour upgrade package, 18" wheels) with 35k miles on it for 12k, in pretty fantastic condition. I know the 2011+ models have 400HP vs this ones 300HP, but that's enough for me right now. Unfortunately it's an automatic (5 speed), but I was swayed by the incredibly low miles, condition of the car, and the available history.

First owner had the car for a year, put on 2k miles then sold it to the second owner who had a ton of upgrades installed by the local Ford dealership and other local shops. Second owner put most of the rest of the miles on over the next few years, then got sick for a while and let the car sit covered in their garage. He eventually passed away, and his wife sold the car to yours truly. The guy was meticulous and kept every slip from everything he ever had done, so I've got a great history. Heck, he still had the original window sticker. I got a Carfax report on the car which lines up with what I was told and could see in the vehicles file.

Other than the cosmetic upgrades and notes, I have slips for:

  • Diablo Sport Predator Tuning Tool, which was also given to me.
  • Camber Adjusters, Billett
  • Steeda Bump-steer Kit
  • Pro Street headers
  • Anti-Roll Kit #M-5490-A
  • X-Pipe Exhaust
  • Ford Racing Ring Gear and Pinion Set
  • Ford Racing Ring & Pinion Install Kit
  • Air Raid Intake System
I'm really interested in finding out about what kind of tune the car has. The traction control is currently off, and is apparently set that way through the Diablo Sport Predator mod (according to the vehicle notes that came with it). Notes also say the car is tuned for 92 octane fuel. I don't plan to do any track or street racing, and want the car best tuned as a semi frequent daily driver than can also handle a bit of snow, and occasionally be driven by my wife. Tires are looking a bit thin and I plan to replace them with all weather tires.

How do I go about finding out what's been done, and getting tracking control turned back on? I'm assuming I want to be able to turn it on and off? What else should I be considering?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Put 150 miles on it today, and had a great time...
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