need advice from AOD stangs with shift kit


New Member
Apr 4, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario
Hi people. I am getting my new gears(3:73) installed on my 89 gt tomorrow.
I need some advice on my transgo shift kit. What should I set it at. I was told to set it to stage 2. I was just wondering. If I take my wife for a drive will she be giving me dirty looks when it shifts. Does it only kick when I floor it ? Maybe I should go with a stage 1. I do not race the car.

Some advice please.
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I've never had an automatic Mustang but know alot of people who do. The Stage 2 will be fine,some guys even run the stage 3 with no complaints. It really depends on the rest of the trans,if it was a fully built,high-stall converter etc,then the stage 2 would be lots but on a regular tranny the 3 is only firm on full throttle the rest of the time it's "decent".
I got an aod set at stage 2 in my convertible but it has 4:10s and it chirps way to easy. shifts are very crisp. depending where you are i could take you for a ride in it and see what you think. I am in s'toon