Brakes Need advice on unique problem - trying to convert to rear disc brakes but not much room for a caliper - suggestions?


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Jul 26, 2016
Hello everyone,

After driving my modern car regularly, I'm not very happy with how my 86 mustang stops. So, I've decided to upgrade the brakes all the way around. Unfortunately, about 25 years ago, I had a custom 9" axle made which shortened the width to have a 'deep dish' wheel look which I really want to keep.

I'd really like to keep it simple so my initial plan is to use SN95 (non-cobra) rear disks so I can keep my current 15" wheels but, based on the pictures I see, I'm concerned that I won't be able to fit the calipers without interference with the shocks.

So today I started taking a good look and taking some measurements - see pics. The distance from the end of the housing to the outside edge of the spring is 3.70" (assuming I mount the caliper in the forward position).

Does anyone have some caliper dimensions or have an illustration that provides some dimensions - or maybe you're in the middle of the conversion and you can take some measurements for me? Any suggestions are appreciated as well - you won't hurt my feelings with constructive criticism either - lay it on me.


2020-10-17 - Mustang Rear Brakes-4.jpg 2020-10-17 - Mustang Rear Brakes-3.jpg 2020-10-17 - Mustang Rear Brakes-6.jpg 2020-10-17 - Mustang Rear Brakes-1.jpg
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Dec 3, 2009
Dayton, OH
Caliper will be way behind the shock. Look to for their rear conversion brackets. With a 9 in that will be your issue. May want to look at an aerospace rear disk race setup. They offer one that works with 9in bearing setups. I sold and installed a bunch if these on street cars and they work perfectly. No hot spotting or issues with them on the rear. The solid rotor stays cool enough on the rear.