need some transmission help


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Jun 20, 2021
Back on stangnet after many years off and this time seeking some advice on a transmission issue Im trying to fix on my sons 2001 gt. I will try to keep this as short as possible. some background on the issue. Its a auto car so I put 410's and a 2800 stall in it for him. Car is running great, no trans issues. He buys a hand held and downloads Bama' 87 and 93 tunes. After install the car will only idle in park and reverse, soon as u go to drive it dies. tried downloading stock tune, cleaned and then bought a new mass air and same issue. After trying a few different tunes bama sent us I was stumped so I bought a new ECU from FS1 which comes with the factory tune already downloaded. Install that and the car runs great again except for 1 problem. The OD light is flashing and it does not have a first gear. It takes off in second and goes thru 3rd and OD fine, ( shifts harder than I expected ) but goes thru all gears with no slipping. I researched and thought it might be the converter clutch solenoid so replaced that and no difference. check the codes and there is a bunch. P1000, P1746, P1633 and P1131. hoping someone can point me in the right direction. disclaimer: im decent at taking parts off and putting parts back on but a am not a computer guy. all those acronyms have my head hurting. ECU, PCM, EEC, WTF. At this point Im just throwing parts at it and thats getting expensive quickly. Sorry for the long first in a long time Post.
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Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
You have two codes making reference to a bad pcm-power to the pcm- and some other stuff that all might tie into the same wiring harness from the transmission-maybe a wire got pinched/cut or grounding out?