New Member! Stock 1997 Svt Cobra Convertible - Compatible Parts List


Mar 31, 2017
Corpus Christi, Texas
Trying to find out if I can raid this huge junk yard to find compatible parts for this vehicle. I know I can use a Lincoln Mark VIII fan, which this vehicle could really use, but I understand some room needs to be made. Will be a fun project.

I'm also looking for seats. Word on the Internet is that some Escort's seats might fit down in the and on the rails with minimal drilling. Any other ideas for that? The leather on mine is shot.

Hood scoops. Holy crap - these things are $200 on Ebay. Anyone have luck making their own out of fiberglass? I do body work, but this seems like it might be a real mess if I try it myself.

Motor mounts. I can get some cheap new one's from Napa for like $40 each, but was wondering if anyone has had luck making their own or finding compatible mounts in other modular-factory-made engine bays.

I haven't done much to it except put some cheap, temporary replacement engine accessories just to keep it running. I'll be looking at pulleys next, would be nice to know if I can underdrive any of those accessories with pulleys from parts on another vehicle.

Sorry, if this sounds like I'm being a cheapskate, it's because I am. I grew up on ranches and firmly believe that if its a part I can fabricate or rob from another vehicle then it belongs in mine.
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Nov 28, 2015
Welcome to Stangnet.

The only thing I'll comment on is the underdrive pullies. They're a bit of a waste of time. Your power gains will be insignificant and the residual problems from using them are costly. You'll want to upgrade your alternator for starters, especially if you have lots of electrical plans like the fan your speaking of, upgrade for the stereo, possible computer upgrades. They'll all rob the power that your current electronics need to run.

Other than that, I'll move your post over to our '96-'04 subforum where you'll have fellow Cobra owners give you any help you need.

Good to have you with us.


Mar 31, 2017
Corpus Christi, Texas
What you are saying about the pulleys sounds like good advice. I'll need to do more research on what can be done about managing the longer term effects on these engine components, particularly how the computer controls everything else while taking input from them. I did install some very cheap parts in it, I think I spent less than $100 on the water pump and a rebuilt alternator, so I am not too worried about losing those things in the short term for a little fun.

I was told by the guy who sold me this vehicle that its a 11 second car. He was an auto tech student a local college when he did all the fixups, like the aluminum driveshaft and flywheel and a tune for something or other. I hadn't talked to him in years so I emailed him a while back about what all was done to the car specifically and he won't respond. I mentioned that he "overlooked" the motor mounts, which are so bad the oil pan is sitting on the crossmember under the engine.

Anyway, I'll definitely read up on what I'm looking at with pulleys, especially in terms of bang for buck. I sure have read a lot about how this cheap mod can net some horses, but it seems to be one of those things that has to be done in conjunction with a few other things to begin with for it to be worth it at all.

I don't want to go forced induction yet. I was hoping to run a simple cold air intake on top of these pulleys, and working on a mid-length set of headers at my buddy's garage soon. We want to re-use the catback to whatever extent needed to straighten the pipes from going up and over the rear axle, and modifying that to become a true X-pipe. What's on there appears to be the stock H-pipe and some Flowmasters.

Getting measurments all documented for this exhaust might enable me to rob an X-pipe out of another vehicle.

Thanks for showing me around!
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