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  • Front Brake swap info for 65/66 all various options SSBC/Granada/Cobra/Wilwood etc.

    Votes: 48 34.5%
  • 65/66 T5/AOD Swap FAQ

    Votes: 59 42.4%
  • 8.8 rear info

    Votes: 32 23.0%

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New Member
May 7, 2009
id say #2 but mainly for the hydraulic portion

#1 theres lots of info-- but maybe a thread that compiles it all would be good--
there are a ton of kits and mustangsteves brackets for oem stuff-

#2 seems straight forward the hardest part seems to be the clutch actuation method.. i am at this point now..

#3 i am currently doing but ala 4 link-- i will post pics of that once completed-- 66runts got a full write up already of a 8.8 with leafsprings that i believe is quite complete on what to do.

horse sence

That $5 hooker turn out to be a guy
15 Year Member
Nov 29, 1999
i know it isnt on the list ,but what about sheet metal replacement ?seems like
most every one will be needing this at one point or another if you dont have a
sound body to start with not much else maters?


Active Member
Mar 21, 2014
Here's Another Suggestion

Although it's not on the list, I would like to nominate an EFI 5.0 MASS AIR conversion into a classic.

I plan to do this along with an AOD in the '67 pictured in my avatar. I have extensive experience with this engine/trans combo, Just not in this body. I'll take pics and write stuff as it happens. Might be a while though, between family obligations and necessary Nascar watching, My progress is slow.