SN95 Nick's '94 Cobra

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Wind came out of my sails a bit today. We learned the hard way that the MS2 needs the spout connector plugged in, and you lock out the timing on the computer. Had no spark for quite a bit of cranking at first, having pulled the spout to lock the timing. Plugs were fouled, so I changed them out with new. On the second crank with new plugs, the battery was shot. Even with a 10 amp charger hooked to it, the starter just clicked. So that was that. My tuner is a single dad and lives 40 minutes away. He gets his daughter tonight and has her a week at a time, so he is busy for at least a week. Bum deal, I was really excited to see how it sounded in the car versus the engine dyno.
Did the same with the first start on my Dodge 440.. I was embarassed as I ran the battery dry with a no start....
I blame the " Party " atmosphere that developed with the first start of the car I purchased 18 years before that was towed out of a field then I restored it...
12 or so people showed up and the womens " date rape " drug, BEER, was involved.....

Put the battery on the charger, walked away and didn't want to look at it. Two days later, by myself, I installed new plugs and spent some slower quality time with it... One of my friends showed up ( which is the perfect amount of help) and it cranked right up and ran great the entire time I had the car.. Sold it last year ......
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I am the worst about not following through with plans I have in my head. When I get a chance to work on my car, I just jump in and go. Today was one of those days.

I had planned to weigh the BC coilover set up versus factory(ish). Instead, I just went to town and got the BCs installed. The rear of the car had factory IRS Cobra springs with a coil cut off, with Bilstein shocks.



The BC kit keeps the springs and shocks separated. The springs have an upper perch that is adjustable for ride height, and the shock is also threaded for height adjustment.


On the front I decided to sacrifice the Eibach springs since I didn't have a full set of 4 to sell. That made the job go quickly and easily. They were paired with stock struts, so I'm thinking I will have a noticeable improvement in handling and ride quality once I dial in the dampening.


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Alrighty then folks, she's adjusted and on the ground. I hope the PO of the car isnt on this site, as he would probably be hurt seeing how dirty Ive let the car get. But alas, thus is the Iowa barn life.

For those that want to compare, my front fender well sits 26.75" off the ground, and rear is 27.5". Limiting factor is the longtubes. I want a good streetable car, and as it sits it'll barely clear speed bumps. Front and rear tire to fender gap is even at 3 skinny fingers.





On another note, I never realized how expensive these 18" AFS wheels were. I was looking them up, and looks like they were $2200 a set before they quit being made... So not the normal cheapo reps. They don't feel heavy, so I suppose I'll keep them for the nostalgia factor. Yes they need polished, I'll get to that after the car gets a paint correction.

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The stance is great and those wheels look really good on the car. You get the car washed and cleaned up and the wheels polished it will be f’ing sweet man.
I appreciate the kind words. I have to agree that it's just a nice, simple and clean look. I wanted to go a little lower, but I know I'd regret it.

As I was leaving the barn, I had to grab a shot of the rear as well. I may make a cover for the fuel pumps, so they don't stand out so much.

For those that want to compare, my front fender well sits 26.75" off the ground, and rear is 27.5". Limiting factor is the longtubes. I want a good streetable car, and as it sits it'll barely clear speed bumps. Front and rear tire to fender gap is even at 3 skinny fingers.

That's where my car is sitting with the Eibach pro-kit. 26.75" front and 27.25-27.5" rear. Good streetable height that doesn't bottom out. I don't have long tubes to worry about though.
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I got to looking at the car, and had a thought pop into my head. My wife has had 3 kids and still wont accept three skinny fingers, so how is that ok for my fender gap? It now sits at 26.25" up front and 27" even in the rear. Two finger gap front and rear. ;)



The front has a little more negative camber than I prefer, so getting that straightened up a bit should have it sitting real purdy.

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Can't wait to hear that motor in the car. Barn dust and all, Windsor SN95 Cobras are just super sexy - but I might be a little bit biased. Really looking forward to watch the evolution of your project. I'm definitely going to be bugging you for input when I can finally get back to mine.
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Man, learn from me, and don't let your car get covered in thick dirt/dust. My paint is trashed after a power wash and mit wash. Correction is going to be spendier than I thought. The car was super clean when I bought it, and now...

Edit: there are a lot of white towel fuzzies on the car after the wash and dry.






The basics are set up. We took it's maiden voyage down my blacktop road, but the coilovers decided to settle an inch in the rear, and about a half inch in the front, so the exhaust scraped on every bump. I am going out to adjust the height back up, and try to tuck the exhaust better. My tuner is coming back tomorrow to tune for drivability.
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Never tried it before, but I may give it a go. A friend of mine has a nice DA he buffs his boat with. All I would be out is the pads and compound.

It’s not too bad. A little time consuming but the result is worth it.

I did it for the first time on my GT with ceramic coating and it made a huge difference. You look like you have a much better starting point as my paint was absolutely trashed. Still is, but way better now.

I need to do my fox next

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