Open up 93 stock block or not?


Jun 16, 2019
Kansas City, MO
Stangnet Fam,

About to install a 67mm turbo kit on the stock block 93 GT. It has 65k original miles and has all the supporting fuel/computer mods for the turbo. I have read many posts about stock head gasket issues under boost, but not a real consensus on what boost/power level is causing it (excluding bad tunes). My goal would be 10 lbs of boost or approx 350 whp while I build a Dart block for 750 hp, but I don't plan on dropping it in until next year. I have no problem installing a set of Fel-Pros, but do not like opening up good running motors for no reason. This engine has been great since I have owned the car for the last two years. Any advice from those with experience? Beside hyper-eutectic pistons, were there any changes to the head gaskets in 93s that would make them better or worse?

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SN Certified Technician
Mar 2, 2015
If it runs well now leave it alone. The turbo will put more stress on it...nothing will stop that. I'd say keep it about 8psi and let her eat. 10psi will put you on the margin for more issues. A good tune is a must.